Baseball Road Trip Planner 2022

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Trip Search By Cities

Trip Search By Cities is intended for those who know exactly which cities they want to visit.
Select the cities to visit and all trips visting those cities will be returned.

Note that the trips returned will not contain any stadiums not selected
Only those teams selected in the check boxes will be contained in any trips returned
(e.g. choosing only BAL, BOS and PHI will NOT return a BAL/BOS/PHI/PIT trip since PIT was not selected)


  • You must select at least 3 Teams in the Checkbox


  • Start City - The city chosen must be one of the cities chosen in the check boxes
  • Number of Days - The length of trip in days. This must be greater than or equal to the number of cities chosen in the check boxes
  • Earliest Start Date - All trips wil start on or after this date. This defaults to the current date


  • Trips over 17 days are not available in the Planner due to the computational burden of calculating them. So choosiing more than 17 cities here will always result in no trips found
  • As the number of cities increases, there will be fewer trips found. It is not unusual for a combination of teams to result in no trips found. For longer trips, not every possible trip is considered. So, for example, for a given selection of 15 teams, there may be a feasible 31 day trip, but it won't be found due to the complexity in finding it