Baseball Road Trip Planner 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kinds of trips can I plan ?
    The Router is intended for those looking to drive to different stadiums their trip. Thus, each trip presented will visit any given stadium at most one time.

  2. What is the longest trip I can schedule ?
    Trips are categorized by the number of stadiums visited. Currently, the longest trip available visits 17 stadiums. Note such a trip could range anywhere from 17 to 30 days of actual travel time to visit the 17 stadiums.

  3. How far am I driving each day?
    Trips are calculated to drive a maximum of 400 miles a day. The initial assumption made was that the purpose of the trip is to visit as many stadiums in the shortest time, so every trip may not be leisurely.

  4. Does the total distance include routing me back to the start city?
    No, the trips scheduled are not roundtrips.

  5. Can the Router return every possible trip ?
    Currently due to the volume of possible trips, not every trip is presented. The algortihm is set up to delete "duplicate" trips for this reason. Trips are defined as duplicates if they visit the start on the same date in the same city and visit the same cities in the same order. This situation mostly occur when there are down dates in a trip. For example, the following trips are considered duplicates
    Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri
    CHC DET offday PIT PHI
    CHC DET PIT offday PHI