Baseball Road Trip Planner 2022

Introduction and Overview

Travelling to different baseball stadiums is a hobby many enjoy. The baseball roadtrip has become a way to visit multiple stadiums in relatively short time. While the trip is a blast, trying to plan a roadtrip to hit as many stadiums efficiently can take a lot of time. The Baseball Roadtrip Router is a tool to make such planning easier than just randomly searching the schedule.

The router will allow you to choose trips by any number of criteria.

  • Maybe you know you want to leave from a particular city and want to see how many stadiums you can visit in a week.
  • Or perhaps you have a set time for your vacation and you want to see how many stadiums you can visit in that particular time period.
  • Maybe you already know which stadiums you want to visit and want to see if a reasonable trip is possible for this season.
  • Or maybe you've got lots of flexibility and just want to plan a cool trip.

Any of these objectives can be planned with the router. The router is built to take your search criteria and search the current schedule for trips that match. A brief synopsis of the matching trips will be returned from the search From this list, you can drill down to see specifics of the trip, such as which dates, teams and miles driven.